Buildings: 3D Model and Point Cloud Generation of Buildings

  • Import Point Cloud data directly into BIM Software

  • Plan renovation projects

  • No need for scaffolding

  • Exterior models can include interior Matterport Walkthroughs

Convert buildings of any size to an accurate 3D model of Point Cloud with ease through the use of drones. These models can be used to plan for renovations, showcase to investors, or update progress of a development.

Drones can easily access areas which would generally only be accessible with scaffolding. Removing scaffolding is more cost effective, less labour intensive, and safer.

Exterior 3D models of homes create a virtual reality experience for the property market. An interior Matterport walkthrough can be incorporated into 3D models to give potential buyers an all-round experience.

Building (3D Modelling): Click on the videos below or the gallery images for examples.

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