Damage Evaluation: Use a 3D Textured Mesh and DTM to Aid Fire Damage/Flooding Evaluation

  • Inspect fire damage for Insurance claims

  • Flood plane analysis through Digital Terrain Modelling

  • Drones allow access to dangerous and severely damaged areas

Generating a 3D textured mesh of a fire damaged structure, building, or area, allows insurance assessors and authorities to rotate and inspect the mesh through a full 720 degrees. Easily scroll in on particular areas of interest and isolate them for reports.

Damage caused by flooding is generally as a result of building in the river’s flood plane. Drones can map the area along a river to identify boundary lines of the flood plane. Once the boundaries of the flood plane are identified, preventative measures can be put in place to either stop or prevent flooding.

Damage Evaluation: Click on the video below or the gallery images for examples.

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