Erosion/Corrosion: Use a 3D Textured Mesh to Identify and Analyse Environmental Erosion and Structural Corrosion

  • Identify/Inspect Coastal Erosion

  • Merge multiple mapping missions to create a continuous section of coastline

  • Analyse structural steel corrosion with 8x digital zoom

Inspect coastal erosion from a birds eye view, or reach inaccessible areas through the use of drones. Import Point Cloud data into BIM software to investigate the effects of various preventative methods, such as groynes.

Overtime structural steel near the sea can develop corrosion. The corrosion is caused by oxidation in the steel accelerated by the salt water. Drones can easily inspect and map structures out at sea, under bridges, or even ship hulls. We use up to 8x digital zoom to focus on areas of corrosion. This data can be used to select the most suitable surface treatment.

Erosion/Corrosion: Click on the video below or the gallery images for examples.

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