Pictures: Gain an Aerial Perspective of any Construction Site with the use of Drones

  • We use wide lens cameras to capture the entire building site in one image

  • Images can include annotations and boundary lines

  • Create a virtual tour of your construction site with 360 degree pictures and interactive hotspots to navigate from place to place

Capture the full extents of a construction site in one single aerial picture. Multiple images can be stitched together to create a 2D map of the site. These 2D maps can include annotations and boundary lines.

We can create a full construction site virtual tour, which includes interactive hotspots. These hotspots can include links to other 360 degrees panoramas of the tour, URL links, videos, or images. Virtual tours can include internal, external, and aerial 360 degree panoramas. One ‘Master’ aerial panorama can link multiple internal and external tours.

Virtual tours are an excellent means to showcase the building progress to investors, aid sub-contractors in pricing, and allow clients to remotely walk through the construction site.

Construction Pictures: Click on the gallery image for an example.

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