Site Survey: We use drone mapping to develop 3D and 2D site surveys

  • Multiple acquisition techniques for more detailed maps

  • We ground truth our data with GNSS equipment to achieve accurate measurements

  • Point cloud and mesh data can be imported directly into CAD and BIM software packages

  • We use calibrated cameras for optimal accuracy and to reduce exposure variance between successive photos

Drones are becoming increasingly popular in the world of surveying and can cover large areas in a matter of minutes. Overgrown or dangerous areas are easily accessible with drones. We work back from the client’s deliverables to determine our acquisition techniques and processing workflow.

Ground control points (GCP’s) are used to ground truth the data collected so it can be accurately used for measurement purposes. Point clouds are directly compatible with CAD and BIM software packages, and are available in LAS, LAZ, PLY, or XYZ file types.

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