Thermal Inspections: Inspect Wind Turbines and Solar Farms with Thermal Cameras

  • Wind turbine blade inspections

  • Mission planned Solar Farm Inspections

  • Thermal building inspections to aid Building Energy Rating reports

Anomalies in wind turbine blades can be quickly located through thermal inspection. Anomalies in the blades can develop over time due to cyclic fatigue and continuous exposure to harsh weather. These anomalies include cracks, dimples, or delamination of the blade.
Traditional methods of blade inspection can take as long as three days. This can result in a significant loss in money to investors as the turbine is out of commission. Thermal drone inspections are considerably quicker, maximising the turbines energy production.
Drones equipped with thermal cameras can identify defective cells in a solar farm. These images are geo-tagged to pinpoint the exact location of the defective cells. Drones with mission planning capabilities are used to create the most efficient flight path, covering the largest possible area per battery. Drones can also provide an insight to planning of panel placement.

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